Injured Bull


Toby Aisbitt

Date Published

Today we responded to reports of an injured bull in the neighbouring region of West Gate. Due to his injury, the group of bulls he travels with had left him behind. With the help of a herder, who was busy digging a water hole for his goats, we found him in some light shrubbery adjacent to the riverbank.

We were forced to abandon the cars and Dr. Chege went ahead to dart him. When he went down the rest of us moved in to help. It was strange not having the security of a car to run to but, given that he was on his own, this was not a big risk. The prognosis was that he had dislocated the femur in his left rear leg. Legions in the area supported this theory as they suggested he had recently been in a fight. Having already seen an elephant sedated like this I was able to pay closer attention to Dr. Chege’s work without getting distracted!

He was injected with a painkiller in the hope that the extra weight this would allow him to put on the leg would cause the joint to pop back in on its own. We then stood and watched from behind some bushes as he awoke and got to his feet. Everyone walked back to the car disguising the nervous looks behind them with exaggerated smiles and casual conversation. I was pleased when he decided not to seek retribution and I hope to see him fit and healthy in no time.