Injured elephant collapses again, sent for treatment (Coimbatore, India)


Times of India

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Forest officials continue to treat the injured female elephant for the third day on Friday. They initially thought that the animal had recovered but were surprised to find that it had collapsed near a field near Periya Thadagam. Thus, they began treating the elephant again.

On Thursday evening, the elephant was made to stand using cranes and it began to walk. After a while, it went into the forest. But on Friday morning it was found 500m from the previous location. “We have already given the elephant 40 saline water packets and another 12 were administered on Friday. Vitamins and fodder were also provided to the elephant. But due to a stomach ailment, the elephant has not been passing motion and it seems to be dehydrated as well,” said an official.

Kumki Sujay and Pari were called for duty and they helped the elephant get onto a truck. The elephant was taken to the camp in Chadivayal where the officials said that the treatment would continue. District forest officer, Ramasubramanian said after the elephant recovers, they would consult with the chief wildlife warden and take a decision.