Injured elephant given treatment (Nilgiri District, India)


The Hindu

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A 40-year-old female elephant, ailing from injuries to its vulva and face, was treated for its injuries by the forest department staff in the Sigur River in the Singara Range of the Nilgiris North Division on Thursday.

Forest department officials said that the animal was found wandering in the Sigur River since Thursday and that treatment had been given for the last two days. Forest veterinarian E. Vijayaraghavan said that the animal had injuries to its face, eyes and vaginal regions, and maggots had also infested the injured animal.

Acting quickly, the forest department used darts to treat the animal with painkillers and antibiotics. “The animal is standing on its legs, but is refusing to take food. It is also cooperating with our efforts to treat it, so we have also given energy shots,” said Mr. Vijayaraghavan.

Forest department officials in the Nilgiris North Division said that a call would be taken whether to continue treatment to the animal on Friday