Injured PTR jumbo gives doctors a slip (India)


Times of India

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Daltonganj: A team of veterinary personnel from Birsa Biological Park Ormanjhi visited the buffer area of the Palamu Tiger Reserve to treat an injured elephant earlier this week, but had to return without any success. The team reached the area on Sunday, but could not trace the female pachyderm for two days. The team – that included veterinary surgeon Ajay Kumar – was planning to tranquilize the elephant bfore treating her wounds.

DFO (buffer) A K Mishra said the injured elephant disappeared from their sight and could not be found despite a massive search. He said, “The elephant probably joined a herd that was seen at Halhad with two or three calves. Going anywhere near such herds is risky as mother elephants could get aggressive. Elephants get aggressive if they have baby elephants with them and they often charge anyone who goes too close to the herd. It seems the injured elephant has recovered naturally and is able to move around.”