Injured tusker on road to recovery in Odisha’s Mayurbhanj (India)


Odisha Sun Times Bureau

Date Published
A tusker from the Similipal Sanctuary that had strayed into the district headquarters town of Baripada in Odisha’s Mayurbhanj district on January 13 and had sustained injuries is now recovering after being treated by a team of veterinarians from Nandankanan Zoological Park.
The tusker had sustained injuries on its left leg. Initially, it was suspected that the injury could have been due to some metal nails, shards of glass or arrow getting stuck in it. Veterinarians who had been requisitioned to the Similipal Sanctuary for its treatment first checked the elephant’s paw with a metal detector after tranquilizing it.
“We checked its wound, but the metal detector found no metals stuck in it. We have drained out the pus and dressed the wound and are administering antibiotics. The animal’s condition is better now,” said Dr A K Das, a member of the team of veterinarians.
The elephant was brought under control after it was administered two shots of tranquilizers.
“Initially we suspected that some metal piece had got stuck in the front left leg of the tusker. But on examination by veterinarians using a metal detector, it was confirmed that no such objects were there in the wound. Attending vets have drained pus from the wound and done the necessary, They have advised us to keep it under watch for a few days and administer antibiotics and it will get well,” said B B Swain, ACF Baripada.