Injured wild elephant spotted in Bannerghatta (India)


Deccan Herald

Date Published

The Forest department staff have recently spotted a wild elephant at the Bannerghatta National Park which has grievous injuries on its tail and trunk.

Forest keepers say that the injured animal has been roaming around for the past one week and the Forest department officials have not taken any action to provide treatment to the elephant. Despite the officials being intimated, no veterinarian has been sent to treat the animal, they claimed.

Sunil Panwar, Deputy Conservator of Forest, Bannerghatta National Park said he is aware of the wild elephant’s injury and added that the animal has been kept under observation.

“Normally animal conflicts do occur and wild animals do get injured in fights. We do not normally attend to such injuries. If the elephant needs medical attention, then the vet will be called for,” he explained. Panwar said a wildlife vet has been called from the Bannerghatta Biological Park to attend to the injured wild elephant.