Ituri: The population of Mambasa are made aware of the fight against poaching (DRC)


Radio Okapi

Date Published

The Okapi Wildlife Reserve (TER) and the NGO WCS on Saturday, August 13, familiarized the Ituri population to the fight against poaching in this part of the country. This activity was organized in the framework of the International Day of the Elephant in Mambasa.

The communications representative of the NGO WCS, Jean-Claude Kabala, explained the meaning of this campaign: “The aim was to mobilize and involve young people in Ituri, specifically the territory of Mambasa, in the fight against poaching and saving elephants in our province and recalling the merits of sustainable management of our natural resources.”

The organizers of the campaign have also alerted the public about the threats of incursions facing elephants in Ituri. “According to scientists, an elephant is killed in the forests of Africa, every twenty minutes,” reported Jean-Claude Kabala.

In the wildlife reserve, he continued, 75% of the population of elephants was killed as a result of poaching.

The campaign in the fight against poaching was conducted ten months after the start of a trial of six people prosecuted for poaching, criminal conspiracy, and the illegal possession of weapons of war Niania (Ituri).