Ivory Coast-disappearance of elephants / An expert points an accusing finger at the Ivorian State


Le Point d’Abidjan

Date Published
Abidjan, 26-3-15 (lepointsur.com) —The world is beginning to realize the ravages of illegal trafficking of wildlife but in the Ivory Coast the extinction of iconic species like the elephant remains a fact of news without decisions of the competent authorities, despite the warning of some experts. “I intervened I do not know how many times on this dramatic subject. I alerted, made proposals for protection and backup, including approaching the highest in the state,” said Claude François Bouyer, one member of the restoration project of the National Park Comoé. He continued: “No one cares. Why? Because there is nothing to gain by protecting elephants. J’accuse, yes I accuse the Ivorian state of irresponsibility.” 
Claude François Bouyer points an accusing finger at the Ivorian government that covers “fraudulent practices that will lead to the extinction of irreplaceable species in the national heritage. And if you think that my intervention will lead the authorities’ responses, no one will have enough courage to do it,” says our interlocutor.