Ivory trade: The judicial authorities of Franceville hit hard (Gabon)


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6 months of prison far, one million CFA Francs of fines and 5 million in damages. This is the penalty that the president of the court of Franceville inflicted to OMBENDA Jean François and NDJOUHOU Eugene.
As a reminder of the facts, the defendants were arrested on 25 February in Mounana by the Judicial Police and the Forestry Directorate during a AALF project mission (Conservation Justice) for hunting, possession, transport, selling trophies and illegal possession of a firearm.
The hearing was marked by numerous contradictions and mutual accusations of the defendants. For example, Mr Ombenda claimed self-defense but he had previously planned a screw bullet (ammunition reserved for the big game) before going hunting.
Faced with the tendency of low sentences in wildlife crimes related observed in recent months over the whole of the Gabonese territory, this legal decision gives hope that the law can be applied in all its force. Until the political authorities decide to review the penalties for wildlife crimes, we commend the work and especially the professionalism of legal authorities in Franceville and all those who participated in the arrest of these criminals.