Ivory trafficking: A Cameroonian and a Nigerian arrested in Port-Gentil (Gabon)


Stevie Mounombou, Gabon Review

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Translated from the French by an automated online translation service, so please excuse the roughness. See link for the French original.

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New arrest in the context of the fight against poaching.

Emmanuel Deunguen dit Eddy, of Cameroonian nationality and his accomplice, Paul Anyanwu dit Polo, of Nigerian origin, were arrested on November 19 in Port-Gentil by the mixed intervention team made up of police officers and police officers. Waters and Forests. 

The operation took place with the support of the team from the NGO Conservation Justice.

The facts took place around 1 p.m. in the economic capital. Emmanuel Deunguen and his accomplice had fixed an appointment in a discreet place. 

The news of an illicit ivory transaction having reached the ears of the intervention team, it deployed on the scene and proceeded to arrest the two men, employed as docker, in possession of two ivory tusks sawn into four pieces which they were about to sell.

The two alleged traffickers were placed in police custody in the premises of the city’s Gendarmerie pending their transfer to Libreville and their presentation before the special prosecution to answer for the facts of detention and attempted sale of ivory without prior authorization from the competent administration.

The accused face up to ten years in prison.