Juliani vows to fight for elephants (Kenya)



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Contemporary rapper Juliani was on a fact finding mission at the Amboseli National Park to learn more about elephants and efforts in place to protect them through anti-poaching initiatives, land protection, community involvement and research.
The Bahasha Ya Ocampo star said, “Once you start learning about elephants, you realise that they are not just animals that grow tusks. You start to realise that elephants have a culture, they live in families and by killing them, we are not only destabilising an entire eco-system but we are also messing ourselves up”
Juliani was on tour with WildlifeDirect and the Hands Off our Elephants Campaign CEO Dr Paula Kahumbu. The rapper met with Katito Saiyalel of the Amboseli Trust for Elephants. Katito has been studying elephants for over 20 years and knows all the elephants in the Amboseli by name. The elephants in Amboseli are the most studied elephants in the world, with the Amboseli Trust for Elephants conducting elephant studies for more than 40 years.
“This is the real Kenya,” said Juliani. “Our heritage and the level of wealth in this country is amazing. As Kenyans, we should learn to appreciate and be thankful for what we have and not just complain about the things we don’t have. I am so proud to be associated and to come from the land of greatness which is home to Obama, Lupita, and more so, home to Grandis the elephant!”
Juliani is also the face of Ndovu Music, a Kenyan/International music competition in praise of elephants. The winner of the competition will record their song with him.