Jumbo collapses near coffee estate (Karnataka, India)


The Hindu

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A lactating elephant aged around 20 was found ill in a private land near Kabbinagadde village in Sakleshpur taluk on Sunday morning.

The workers at an adjacent coffee estate noticed the elephant on the ground. Initially, they thought it was stuck in the mud. They later realised it was ill and had no strength to get up.

Assistant Conservator of Forests Ramesh Babu and other officials reached the spot with veterinarians after being alerted by villagers. “After reaching the spot, we understood that the elephant had fallen sick after not having food for the last couple of days. There was no need to tranquillise it as it could not even stand up. Our doctors treated the animal and it has shown signs of improvement,” Mr. Babu said.

The elephant was found next to the estate belonging to retired IAS officer I.M. Vittalmurthy. The doctors suspect that the animal may have contracted an infection and as a result, not taken any food. “We have given it some fluids and calcium. Blood samples have been taken for examination,” said Muralidhar, a veterinarian. He along with Badami, another vet, treated the elephant. According to the doctors, the elephant did not move at all early on, but gradually showed signs of recovery after treatment.

Herd nearby

Even as the treatment was being administered, other elephants kept moving nearby. However, none of them came close to the area as many people had gathered there. “We could see other elephants moving nearby. The elephant had given birth to a baby 2-3 months ago, and the baby must be in that group. When people leave the spot, the elephant group is likely to come close to the ailing elephant and may try to take her along,” said Dr. Muralidhar.

The Forest Department has posted personnel at the spot. The doctors will continue treating the elephant after the blood samples are examined.