Jumbo Dies After Delivering Calf (India, Odisha)


By Express News Service

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BARIPADA: A female elephant was found dead in Similipal biosphere in Mayurbhanj district on Thursday. The elephant is suspected to have died more than a week back after delivering a still born calf. The calf’s decomposed carcass was found near it.

Forest officials spotted the carcass of the elephant at Alakudala under Kaliani beat in Gudgudia range of Karanjia division. This was the third elephant death in the reserve forest within a month.
DFO Prasanna Kumar Behera said the body was found by the patrolling staff.
A team of veterinary doctors from Similipal Tiger Reserve (STR), Jashipur, Wildlife Trust of India and Raruan along with forest staff rushed to the spot and conducted autopsy of elephant and its calf.
Earlier this week, two more elephants were found dead inside the Similipal Reserve Forest. The animals were suspected to have been poisoned to death by poachers.