Jumbo found dead in Palamu Tiger Reserve (India)


Times of India

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DALTONGANJ: A male elephant was found dead at Bareysarn compartment 16 in Hooluk forest in the buffer area of Palamu Tiger Reserve(PTR) on Monday.

DFO buffer Mahilang said, “A staff member told me that there was no sign of any external injury on the elephant’s body.” He added that the exact reason behind the death will be ascertained once the postmortem is completed. The viscera samples of the jumbo has been preserved to be sent to a forensic laboratory in Ranchi.

When asked if the heat could be the cause of death, the DFO said, “I cannot vouch for it but 16 elephants in Kerala reportedly died due to heat stroke in a span of three weeks.” The DFO also ruled out the possibility of any man-animal conflict on this regard.