Jumbos break into brick kiln at Thadagam again (India)


Indian Express

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Stray jumbos were at it again as a herd of wild elephants damaged water containers at a Brick kiln unit in Thadagam near Kanuvai on Monday night.

A herd of four elephants had entered a Brick kiln unit at Thadagam around 12 am on Tuesday and damaged a few water containers inside the unit.

The animals made adequate use of the water containers to quench their thirst before damaging them. Workers who were sleeping in the residential quarters at the time were in for a shock as they found the animals roaming inside the unit.

As the forest staff were not forthcoming, the workers took to bursting crackers to scare the animals away. “The forest officials failed to show up despite us having alerted them. The Forest department should deploy anti-poaching watchers on permanent basis here so that the stray animals could be chased away in the right direction,” said a worker.