Jumbos damage crop in Champua; 1 hurt (Kendujhar District, India)


The Daily Pioneer

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A herd of 22 wild elephants have taken shelter in the Ukhunda Forest under the Champua Range creating panic among people in nearby villagers.

The animals were first located near Hastinapur village forest five days back. But now, they have moved near Chelianal village since last three days.

The herd while grazing in the nearby paddy fields during day and night has damaged the crops of Matha Naik in Kalinga village and also broken the door while trying to enter into the house of Ajay Naik in the same village.

It is reported that an elephant calf had fallen in a well in Surendra Naik’s garden and the adult jumbos gathered together and rescued it.

Passing through the Asanpat jungle, the herd arrived in the Kendua Forest. Jatra Pradhan, a resident of Kendua village, was injured as he ran for his life while confronting the elephants. Forest officials have kept an eye on the movement of the elephants. “We are trying to drive them from this area soon without harming them,” Ukhunda Forester Khageswar Barik said.