Jumbos damage houses in Purulia’s Jhalda (India)


Times of India

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JHALDA(Purulia): A herd of elephants that has strayed in from Jharkhand polished off 15 quintals of rice, damaged several houses and trampled farmland in as many as six villages in Purulia’s Jhalda throughout Monday night.

Elephant depredation is a major problem in the Purulia-Bankura-West Midnapore belt. Attacks by elephants have been frequent in these areas causing serious injuries to villagers and damage to their homes and vegetation.

According to officials of the forest department, the jumbos strayed into the state from Hazaribag after crossing the Subarnarekha river on Friday. On Monday night they entered villages like Putidi, Hensla, Dulmi and Durgu.

“They broke the boundary wall of two primary schools and polished off rice that was stored there. Then they moved towards houses and damaged them,” said Samir Bose who is the ranger there. A total of 28 houses were damaged.

Seema Mahato was sleeping on her bed when she heard a loud thud. “I took my eleven-month-old daughter and ran for my life because I recognised the sound. The elephants had attacked. Seconds after I ran out of my house, a big wall of my house collapsed,” said Mahato.