Jumbos go on rampage in West Bengal (India)


Business Standard

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Panic gripped West Bengal’s Midnapore District after a herd of eight elephants ravaged a village for two days.

Several huts collapsed as the jumbos strayed into the village and started running amok. Many crops were damaged, said the villagers.
“Eight elephant came and broke the wall of my hut with their trunks. We were sleeping at that time,” said a villager, Gobinda Chalak.
Forest department officials were informed about the extent of the damage.
“A girl broke her leg and the jumbos destroyed our crops. Several houses were damaged,” said another villager, Sukhram Chalak.
Villagers said forest official tranquilised the elephants to bring the situation under control.
Attacks by elephants have been frequent in West Bengal state causing serious injuries and deaths to villagers living near forests.