Jumbos kill peasant in Serengeti (Tanzania)


By MUGINI JACOB, Tanzania Daily News

Date Published

A 70-year old peasant has been killed by rampaging elephants in the wildlife-rich district of Serengeti, local leaders reported.

The deceased has been identified as Marwa Wangwe, a peasant from Nyichoka village, which is situated several kilometres from the Serengeti National Park (SENAPA) and Grumeti/Ikorongo game reserves.

“The elephants attacked the deceased while he was working on his farm at the village with his wife. He was laid to rest yesterday,” the Vice-Chairman of Serengeti District Council, Mr Jumanne Kwiro, told the ‘Daily News’ over the weekend.

He said the number and incidences of stray elephants invading villages in the district is alarming, appealing for immediate intervention from the Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism.

“People are worried and production activities have stopped because elephants are seen everywhere,” Mr Kwiro, who is also the councillor of Natta ward, where the elephants have also caused panic and massive destruction of farms, said.

Serengeti officials say the district has about 27 villages with several hundreds of families prone to rampaging elephants originating from SENAPA and the neighbouring game reserves. It is estimated that over 75 per cent of land in Serengeti District is occupied by game protected areas, including the world famous park.

Serengeti District Council Chairman Mr John Ng’oina, said the latest killing caused by elephants is part of continued menace caused by the wild animals to the area’s residents.

“The danger is still there and the killing of Mzee Marwa at Nyichoka village is just an example,’’ the top council leader said when reached for comment.

There are reports that the jumbos have also been scaring schoolchildren in public schools located near or within the Serengeti eco-system.