Jumbos Kill Two in Kariba (Zimbabwe)


Zim Eye

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Jumbos in Kariba have killed two people and injure one.

In the first incident, a man believed to be mentally challenged was gored by an elephant in the Kasese area of Kariba town on Friday.

The man, who could not be identified, was discovered by a man who became curious after seeing marabou storks hovering above and went to check, only to find the lifeless body of the man.

“The man was found with his pair of trousers torn while there was also evidence he had been dragged on the ground and the spoors of elephants were found around the area,” said Mr John Kemberi of Nyamhunga 1 Township.

“We know the man as being mentally challenged and he actually stays in the Kasese area and he normally goes to Chawara to get bread from a local bakery every day.”

It is believed that the man was attacked late Friday night.

His body was taken to Kariba District Hospital mortuary amid indications that there was no foul play suspected to warrant a postmortem.

Superintendent Saul Mhanqwa confirmed the death, adding that until now, no one had come forward to identify the man.

“He is at our local mortuary and we do not have his particulars and no one has come through to help us identify him,” said Supt Mhanqwa.

In another incident, Theresa Musakanda of Nyamapanza Village under chief Msambakaruma in Ward 9, was fatally trampled by an elephant on Wednesday.

Gift Taurai Moyo was lucky to escape with a broken leg after being attacked by an elephant in the National Anglers Union area while coming from fishing with two of his friends.

The elephant charged them. “I ran together with my colleagues but because I was wearing a tracksuit-bottom which was sagging, I could not outrun my colleagues. The elephant then targeted me,” said Mr Moyo.

“I ran towards the lake but it kept charging at me. I got into the water but I realised that I was now between its hind and front legs. It started trampling in the water. Unfortunately, one of its hind legs stepped on me and I felt that it had broken.”

After a while the elephant left the water and Mr Moyo remained in the water fearing that the elephant would notice he was still alive.

Two months ago, another person was attacked and killed by elephants while tending their field.