Kenya: County Plans to Fence Rumuruti Forest


By Wanjohi Gakio, The Star

Date Published
The Laikipia government has told illegal settlers who encroached on Rumuruti Forest to vacate in a week.

This will allow construction of a Sh90 million electric fence around the forest.

The project was launched yesterday by Governor Joshua Irungu at Mahianyu centre.

The fence is intended to end human-wildlife conflict that is rampant around the forest.

The 65km fence will run from Mahianyu to Rumuruti.

“We do not want the county government to be obstructed from fencing. I demand all those who encroached on the forest to vacate since they know where the boundaries are,” Irungu said.

The fence will keep wild animals, mostly elephants, from straying to people’s farms and destroying crops.

Last year, at least three people were killed by elephants.

Crops worth millions of shillings were destroyed.

Most of these incidents happened at Rwathia, Kiandege, Thome, Kamwenje and Rumuruti.

“Our farmers will now work without fear of destruction by the animals. The fence will keep the animals in the forest and the farmers in their homes,” Irungu said.

The governor said the fencing will take at least two months to complete.

“We assure farmers the work will take as little time as possible. We want them to be ready for the planting season,” he said.

Irungu said Sh25 million has been set aside to put up an electric fence around Laikipia Nature and Conservancy Ranch owned by Kukki Gallmann.

He said the fence will be from Kamwenje to Sossian.