Kenya: Curtain Falls On Old Elephant


Gilbert Koech, The Star

Date Published
An old elephant died yesterday at the Amboseli Trust for Elephants, conservationists have said.

The elephant named Deborah, is one of the last of the original matriarchs from the 1970s, according to the trust.

“Our only consolation was that she died peacefully of old age. We wish all elephants could have Deborah’s life and death,” the trust said in a statement.

It said although Deborah’s age could not be immediately established, she was in her 60s.

The trust said it could not immediately establish the exact age but will however be known once her teeth count is done.

“Deborah was such a large, robust elephant that we sometimes mistook her for a male. A calm, self-assured individual. Deborah was a very successful mother and family leader,” the statement said.