Kenya: Elephants Destroy Crops Worth Sh1 Million in Laikipia


By Wanjohi Gakio, The Star

Date Published
Crops worth one million shillings have been destroyed by elephants in Rumuruti, Laikipia county. The more than 30 elephants have wreaked havoc in the area for the last one week.
They have destroyed maize, peas and french beans plantations on farms along River Uwaso Nyiro. Farmers yesterday held a peaceful protest demanding that the problem be addressed by the county and the national governments.
They chased the jumbos grazing in a nearby forest away. Spokesman Jojas Macharia said the Kenya Wildlife Service officers are not carrying out regular patrols to ensure the animals do not disturb residents.
“We have decided to take the matter head on since the government has failed to act. Our crops have been destroyed as the jumbos roam freely in our farms during the day and at night,” he said.
Macharia accused KWS wardens of doing little despite giving promises that they are in control. He said he has incurred losses amounting to Sh200,000, money he acquired from a local financial institution and a farmers’ sacco. Macharia said it would be difficult to service the loans if the animals are not contained. He said a permanent fence should be build.