Kenya: Fear As Elephants Invade Village in Nyeri


By James Ngunjiri, Daily Nation

Date Published
Panic has gripped a village in Nyeri after a herd of elephants invaded farms.

The eight elephants have been raiding farms in Guara village, Buguret in Kieni East Sub-County for the last four days, especially at night.
The more than 400 affected farmers say their cries for help to Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) have fallen on deaf ears.
On Tuesday, the farmers said they are now living in fear that the elephants would attack their children on their way to school.
“We are not venturing out at night or early in the morning for fear of being attacked by the animals,” said Mr Robert Maina, a local farmer.
This is not the first time the elephants are invading the village. The animals have destroyed structures, including fences. However, there are no crops for them to eat because it is the planting season.
“We now fear that the animals might get more destructive and even attack us in our houses,” said Mr Maina.
The elephants are said to be coming from Mount Kenya forest.
KWS Assistant Director in charge of Mountain Conservancy Aggrey Maumo said the area has been facing the problem for the last six months and they are looking for a permanent solution.
Mr Maumo said KWS, in partnership with stakeholders, is planning to put up a 10-kilometre electric fence to end the human-wildlife conflict in the area.
“We have identified a herd of about seven elephants which has been causing problems. If our proposal is approved, we are going to relocate them, probably Meru or even Kora National Parks,” he said, noting the area is also an elephant corridor.