Kenya: Jumbos Destroy 20 Acres of Crops in Mt Elgon


By John Nalianya, The Star

Date Published
Residents of Kamuneru, Sambocho and Kipyeto in Mt Elgon have asked the government to intervene to stop elephants destroying their crops.
They said the jumbos have invaded their farms and destroyed more than 20 acres of maize, beans, onions and Irish potatoes in two weeks.
Kapkateny ward representative Benson Mukenda blamed the Kenya Wildlife Service officers of failing to control the elephants.
He said residents may face hunger next year because most of their crops were destroyed.
Mukenda said his efforts to get KWS officers to drive away the elephants have borne no fruit.
“Let the officers come and drive away the jumbos or else residents may use alternative methods to save their crops,” he said.
On Saturday one person was seriously injured when an elephant trampled him, while he was taking care of his crops near Kamuneru Forest.
Mukenda said the elephant broke Geoffrey Falende’s hand. Falende is being treated at Kapsokwony District Hospital.
The invasion of farms by elephants has forced men to spend nights in their farms to help protect their crops.
The farmers said they want to be compensated for the destroyed crops.
Kamuneru Chief Charles Kimachas said his efforts to get the problem addressed has not yielded any fruit.
He asked KWS to come and drive away the animals.