Kenya: Poachers Kill Two Elephants in Kenya Reserve



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Poachers killed two elephants in Kenya’s Amollem National Reserve on Monday (August 18th), absconding with the ivory trophies, Kenya’s Daily Nation reported.
“The criminals are targeting the over 1,000 elephants in the reserve,” said Tom Amulavu, Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) chief warden in the area.
A team of security officers have been deployed to pursue the poachers, who are believed to have escaped to Uganda.
“We have involved community leaders and other security agents in this war,” Amulavu said.
The Amollem National Reserve is on the border between West Pokot and Turkana counties.
The KWS recently seized an ivory haul valued at 4 million shillings ($45,300) in Kacheliba, West Pokot, and arrested two suspects. The ivory is believed to have originated in either Nasolot Game Reserve in West Pokot or in a neighbouring country.