Kenya: Tsavo Jumbos Fitted With GPS for Tracking


By Raphael Mwadime, The Star

Date Published
THE Kenya Wildlife Service is collaring elephants in Tsavo for easy tracking to reduce human-wildlife conflict.
Last Friday, KWS veterinarians, researchers, doctors and capture personnel fitted two elephants with GPS satellite collars at Rukinga Ranch in the Tsavo ecosystem at a cost Sh3 million.
KWS elephant programme coordinator Sospeter Kiambi said collaring will help in monitoring the movement of the animals around villages adjacent to the park.
“Apart from providing information on their movements, the gadgets will provide us with data for research on how elephants use the habitat,” he said.
The tracking system will help KWS to design intervention measures to reduce human-wildlife conflict and monitor the animals to protect them from poachers.
“The collar battery will last for two years before it dies. We will be monitoring the animals from our KWS research offices in Nairobi and Voi stations. Only authorised personnel will be able to access the receivers,” Kiambi said.
He said farmers will get information whenever the elephants move near their farms.
KWS has provided the farmers with two receivers and is planning to add 12 more for the farmers to inform officers where the animals are.