Kenya: Villagers Feast On Elephant Electrocuted By Live Fence in Meru


David Muchui, Daily Nation

Date Published

Hundreds of locals armed with crude weapons Wednesday descended on Themba Village in Meru County and slaughtered an elephant that had been electrocuted by a live fence surrounding one of the farms.

This is the fifth elephant to die of electrocution in the area as a longstanding human-wildlife conflicts continue unabated.

Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) officers retrieved the elephant’s tusks leaving hundreds of young men to fight for a share of the meat.

The incident comes even as KWS and Rhino Ark started putting up a fence along the forest to contain the wild animals

However, the residents may have to continue contending with the elephants due to a pending court case where a section of residents argue that the forest line has encroached into their land.

Residents said more than 15 elephants invaded their farms on Tuesday night before one of them was electrocuted.

Ms Evelyn Mukiri, a farmer, said she has been losing her crop to the jumbos for the last five years.

“I have filled compensation forms three times but I have never been paid. I don’t know if there is need to fill more forms since previous claims aren’t paid.

“We are disappointed that the government cannot pay or protect us from property loss,” Ms Karimi said.

Mr Joseph Thuranira said he was forced to abandon his three-acre farm due to constant invasion.

He said despite the area being next to an elephant breeding ground, KWS had not put measures to enhance security.