Kerala: Elephant Smashes Cars and Motorbikes Like Toys During Indian Holy Festival


Krystal Johnson, Yahoo News AU

Date Published

See link for video.

An elephant has gone on a rampage, throwing motorbikes and vehicles from its path, as spectators at an Indian religious festival watched in horror.

The Indian elephant, known as Devidasan, was in a disgruntled mood during the Thalappoli Festival at the Kodungallur Bhagavathi Temple in Kerala.

Video of the rampage shows the elephant picking up cars as though they are toys and smashing them to the ground.

The elephant, known as Devidasan, must not have been happy when he decided to go on a rampage through a town in southern India.

It took two people, who can be seen sitting on the back of the animal, and several hours to bring him under control.

Luckily, no one was injured.

The Thalappoli Festival is annual event which lasts for four days. It is held during the Makar Sankranti period, and features parades of richly decorated elephants.

As part of the celebrations, women and young girls carry thalams (plates) in their hands, which are filled with rice, flowers and a lighted lamp which symbolises prosperity.

The Bhagavathy Temple is the most popular shrine in Kerala and one of the most ancient temples in India.

The elephant picks up motorbikes and mini trucks as though they are toys and flings them across the street.

The temple is dedicated to Goddess Bhadrakali, who has three eyes, and four, 12 or 18 hands and carries a number of weapons, with flames flowing from her head, and a small tusk protruding from her mouth.

Earlier this year another contained elephant unleashed on another Indian town.