Killer elephant put down (Namibia)


Eveline de Klerk, New Era

Date Published

Swakopmund-The Ministry of Environment and Tourism has put down an elephant that killed 35-year-old Laurens Hindjou a week ago in the Omatjete area of the Erongo region.

Fabianus Uaseuapuani from the Zerua Traditional Authority told New Era on Sunday that officials from the Ministry of Environment and Tourism went to look for the animal after they received instructions to put the animal down to avoid further loss of human life.

“He was located in the area and put down on Thursday afternoon by the officials. It will not bring the deceased back, but at least it was the right decision,” he said.
Earlier reports indicated Hindjou was in the company of other people when they came face to face with a herd of elephants.

Whilst others managed to escape, Hindjou allegedly tried to escape by climbing a tree. However, the raging elephant managed to shake him off the tree and trampled him to death when he fell to the ground.

Meanwhile, Uaseuapuani said they expected a memorial service to take place on Friday evening at the deceased’s residence.

As part of the proceedings, farmers and concerned community members, who have been tormented by elephants for years, will hand over a petition to their local leaders as well as the Ministry of Environment and Tourism.

“The people are tired of living in fear and want the ministry to do something about it before people lose their lives again.  We know that humans and animals must co-exist, but we cannot allow that these animals harm our people,” he said.