Korba DFO Seeks Nod to Capture or Kill Elephants (Bilaspur, India)


Times of India

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DFO Korba has written to higher authorities seeking permission to either capture or kill two of the three wild male elephants that have gone berserk and have caused a number of deaths during the last couple of weeks.

There are several herds of wild elephants roaming in the three forest ranges of Korba district.

Among these herds there are three male tuskers, who have been wandering alone in Kudmura, Kartala and Pathakhet forest ranges during the last two weeks and have caused over five human deaths in the period. Out of the three tuskers, one has rejoined a herd, while remaining are still wandering alone and are still a great danger to people. Speaking to TOI, Korba DFO Vivekanand Jha informed that he has written to PCCF (wildlife) seeking permission to either tranquilize and capture the remaining two wild tuskers or to kill them if necessary.

Experts say male elephants get at least 60 times more aggressive during the time of the mast, a fluid secretion that comes out of gland near their ear.

It is generally during the end of the summers and prior to beginning of monsoons that the males come into mast.

When tuskers get into mast state they are usually driven away from the herd, as they become a danger for calves and smaller elephants of the group. Alone, they become all the more aggressive and dangerous. Most probably, the two tuskers that are roaming forests of Korba are into this state, which has made them so aggressive, officials said.