Late Night Jumbo Invasion Spreads Panic (Salepur, India)


The New Indian Express

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Shortage of food and water in the forest is forcing the elephants to stray into human habitation along the forests spreading panic among the people.
On Saturday midnight, a herd of 22 elephants entered Nuapatana village in Kayalapada gram panchayat under Tangi-Choudwar block. The elephants not only feasted on harvested paddy but also took out paddy bags stored in the houses.

As per reports, the herd entered the village at about 1 am. Some alert locals informed CESU officials, who cut off power supply to the village to prevent any untoward situation.

The villagers said the elephants first feasted on the paddy and other crops kept on the threshing floors outside the houses. Later, they damaged the walls of some houses and pulled out harvested paddy bags stocked inside. The elephants returned to the forest before dawn.

Khuntuni Forest Range Officer Ratnakar Das said the forest officials are assessing the damage. The herd had reportedly migrated from Chandaka forest and was looking for food.

Another Tusker Death

Athagarh: The death of a tusker at Haduanala of Dalaka forest under Athagarh forest division, reportedly due to diarrhoea, came to light on Friday. The tusker had died on March 21, said Range Officer Uttam Gadnayak.

Gadnayak had first spotted the elephant in Narsinghpur (east) range on March 16. He and his team had provided treatment to the tusker and were keeping track of its movement till it went missing on March 20. The carcass was found the next day, said Gadnayak.