lectrician trampled to death by elephant (Pandular, India)


Press Trust of India   

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An electrician working at an estate near Pandalur was trampled to death by an elephant in front of his house this morning, police said. 

Aneesh (27) was setting out for the estate near Pandalur, some 80km from here, at around 8.30 AM when the elephant suddenly appeared in front of his house from the nearby jungles. 

Although he tried to run to safety, the pachyderm caught hold of him with its trunk and trampled him to death, police said.

Police resorted to “mild cane charge” to disperse some villagers at Pandalur, who staged a road block to protest frequent human-animal conflict in Nilgiris district following the electrician’s death. 

Led by Gudalur DMK MLA, Dravidamani, the villagers squatted in the middle of the road, blocking police from taking the body of Aneesh, police said. 

The protesters demanded that the government take immediate steps to prevent the frequent incidents involving wild life. 

Police resorted to mild cane charge to disperse them, including the MLA, police said. 

However, no one was injured, they added.