Let Sleeping Elephants Lie, Don’t Try Sneaking a Selfie with One (Thiruvananthapuram, India)


The Times of India

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A man here has landed in hospital, thanks to his craze for a ‘jumbo’ selfie.

37-year-old Namom native Srilal was attacked by an elephant as he tried to click a selfie with the pachyderm.

The elephant was taking rest after a procession at Deveswaram Umamaheswar Temple at Malayamadom in Kilimanoor near the state capital. The mahouts were also sleeping.

Sensing an opportunity, Srilal approached the elephant with a bunch of bananas and attempted to click a selfie with his mobile. 

This irked the elephant and it attacked Srilal with its trunk and gored him.

On hearing Srilal’s cries, temple authorities came to his rescue and rushed him to the hospital.

There has been rise in number of deaths and serious injuries due to selfies… This selfie obsession needs to come to an end…Fraternally Indian

Srilal has serious injuries on his thighs and is under treatment at Trivandrum Medical College at present.