Live Q&A: What can we do to help elephants? (INTRODUCTION & LINK TO ONLINE Q&A)


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In the face of falling elephant populations around the world, it’s easy to feel a little hopeless. But in fact there are a number of things you can do to help – from volunteering to becoming a citizen scientist yourself, to supporting some of the extraordinary organisations out there.

We’ve launched a database of actions you can take to help elephants. And we’re now hosting an online discussion with elephant experts, discussing what everyone can do, and assessing areas where genuine progress is being made.

The questions we’re looking at will include:

Can we really have an impact on poaching levels?
How can we support innovative conservation projects?
What is the best way to support bans on ivory in our own countries?

‘What can I do to help elephants?’

Online panelists:
Tarsh Thekaekara, The Shola Trust
Heather Sohl, species chief adviser, World Wildlife Fund, @wwf_uk
Paula Kahumbu, Wildlife Direct, @paulakahumbu
Rob Brandford, David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, @DSWT, 
Shamini Jayanathan and Lauren Evans, Space for Giants, @SpaceforGiants
Mark Jones, Born Free, @BFFoundation
Javier Montaño, Regional Coordinator Wildlife and Forest Crime Programme UNODC, Nairobi, Kenya
Airi Yamawaki, Co-Founder & Director Tears of the African Elephant, Tokyo, Japan
Dino J. Martins, Executive Director, Mpala Research Centre

How to contact us

Have you got an idea about how to help? Do you know an organisation that does fantastic work? Or do you have a question for our experts? Email us at, use the hashtag #savingelephants, or add your thoughts in the comments below.

LINK TO ONLINE Q & A (scroll down):