Live Q&A: What impact is human development having on the world’s elephant populations?


Naomi Larsson, The Guardian

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The conflict between humans and elephants for space and resources is driving the rapid decline of elephant populations. Join us on Wednesday 24 May from 1-2.30 pm BST to discuss how elephants and humans can live together.

This week an elderly man was killed by a wild elephant in central India as he picked tendu leaves in the Surajpur forest. A few days earlier, a father and his son were injured after two elephants wandered into their house in Tamil Nadu. As human populations grow and communities live in closer proximity to elephants, one of the world’s most unique and beautiful animals can become the most dangerous.

But human development is also contributing to the severe decline in elephant populations. Across Asia and Africa, elephants’ natural habitats are being destroyed by rapid urbanisation and industrial and agricultural expansion.

Join a panel of experts on Wednesday 24 May from 1.00pm to 2.30pm BST to discuss how to mitigate the human-elephant conflict. 

Questions will include:

Is it possible for humans and elephants to live together?

How can we ease the impact of urbanisation and agriculture on elephants and their habitats?

What ways can the human-elephant conflict be brought into conservation work?

Can elephants and humans live together?

Panel to be announced …

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