Locals, officials rescue tusker trapped in swamp (Vithura, India)


The Hindu

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A tusker that fell into a swamp in Vithura was rescued by Forest personnel and local residents on Monday after an ordeal that lasted atleast for 12 hours.

The wild elephant is believed to have ventured into a rubber plantation in Makki, near Maruthamala, from the nearby forest area late on Sunday. The region has often witnessed attack by elephant herds. Its presence was detected after the elephant was found to be trapped in the swamp by passersby. Soon after this, Forest authorities were alerted.

A rapid response team was initially deployed to the spot to take stock of the situation. Soon, a team led by Thiruvananthapuram Divisional Forest Officer Mohanan Pillai arrived at the spot and expedited efforts to rescue the pachyderm. The elephant was pulled up using a rope by around 12 p.m., according to Paruthippally Range Officer Divya S.S. Rose. The official said the elephant was found to have sustained injuries.

While it was let off into the forest, its movements were being tracked by Forest watchers. The animal was likely to be treated by a Forest veterinary officer on Monday.

Forest officials have not ruled out the possibility of the animal getting injuries in a clash with another one of its kind.