Malawi’s Wildlife Department in Elephant Survey


Martha Chikoti, Malawi24

Date Published

The department of national parks and wildlife development says it is
doing a comprehensive elephant survey to establish the number of
elephants in the country.

The department hopes the knowledge will help it reduce wildlife crimes
which are reportedly on the rise in the country.

According to director for the department Bright Kumchedwa, the
exercise will help his department to easily monitor the giant animals
in the country.

He added that wildlife such as elephants are supposed to be protected
so as to increase the beauty of the country which in turn attracts

Kumchedwa also said that new rules are supposed to be applied to make
sure that wildlife in the country is being protected at all costs.

He therefore asked the general public to stop poaching and other
crimes that lead to decrease in number of wild animals.

Meanwhile, the department is sourcing more funds to ensure that the
survey is carried out widely.

The elephant population in Malawi is currently estimated to be 2000
which is 2000 less than the population in the 1980s.