Mambasa: the authorities decide to repress the elephant killer “Ya Mado” (DRC)


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The committee of security of the territory of Mambasa in Ituri finally decided on Saturday, October 10 to undertake the pushing back of the elephant called “Ya Mado,” which killed last Tuesday the leader of the ex-post office of administrative supervision of Lolwa in about 100 kilometres on the West of Bunia. According to the manager of the territory, this animal constitutes now a permanent danger to the public on the road national number 4 linking up Bunia with Kisangani
In addition to the death of the leader of post office of supervision of Lolwa last Tuesday, the elephant “Ya Mado” made a lot of other damage. Local sources point out that the pachyderm had already hurt several persons before. It destroyed all fields of the village pf Bandikongwe.
At the moment, this village more than 120 kilometres on the West of Bunia has been vacated of inhabitants. This animal destroyed all huts of the village.
Not being far from the road, it makes untimely exits up to the place where it had crushed his victim. The manager of the territory, Alfred Bongwalanga, says that even the passengers of some vehicles were threatened by the animal. Faced with this permanent danger on the national road number 4, Alfred Bongwalanga says that all arrangements are already in place for the delivery of this protected species, starting Monday.
This practice does not appear to definitively solve the problem, according to independent sources. The latter argue that this is a “problem of customs and customary solution must be” without elaborating.
Tuesday, 6 October, many curious who had come to watch this pachyderm started throwing arrows in his direction. Annoyed, the animal, witnesses said, started in pursuit of the attackers. The head of the administrative supervision of ex-post Lolwa and candidate for the provincial deputation, who was passing by on a motorcycle, was fatally wounded by the enraged elephant.
Police arrested three people Friday, including one suspected of being the tamer of the elephant, and the one that would have caused the incident by throwing arrows first. The alleged owner of the elephant died that Friday following an illness.