Man Claims Ancestors Led Him to Elephant Tusks (Zimbabwe)


Whinsley Masara, The Chronicle

Date Published

A Tsholotsho man has been arrested after he was found in possession of
four elephant tusks.

He claimed he was a traditional healer and his ancestors had led him
to the place with dead elephants during his search for herbs.

Melusi Moyo, 42, of Mvana Line, Sipepa, under Chief Mathuphula showed
two tusks to police officers who had presented themselves as potential
buyers leading to his arrest

Village head Robson Ncube said Moyo was advertising two ivory pieces.

“I didn’t get to hear the price that he was selling each piece for but
I’m part of those who were approached to find buyers.

He only showed us two pieces and we weren’t aware he had more pieces
in stock until his arrest when police discovered two more.

“Knowing that possession of ivory is illegal, a tip off was made to
police who approached him and posed as potential buyers.
When he revealed the two pieces, police arrested him leading to the
discovery of two more pieces.”

A villager, Mtunzi Ndlovu said they were not aware Moyo was a
traditional healer and suspect he was just saying that to evade arrest
over possession of the ivory pieces that he was selling.

“When asked where he got them from, he said he had stumbled on dead
elephants after his ancestors had shown him in a dream the area that
he was supposed to go and look for his herbs.

“He said that’s when he discovered dead elephants in the place and
took the ivory pieces.

“We suspect he could be one of the culprits who took part in the
cyanide poisoning which occurred about two months ago along Gwayi
River in the area,” said Ndlovu.

Matabeleland North police spokesperson Sergeant Namatirai Mashona was
not available for comment.