Man killed by elephant in Jalpaiguri


Press Trust of India   

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 A 56-year-old man was today killed by an elephant which ran amok and damaged huts and plundered crops at Rajganj block in Jalpaiguri, a forest official said.

The tusker had strayed out in the morning and wandered into Rajganj town where it flung the man to death when he came out of his house, forest ranger Sanjay Dutta said.

The elephant damaged 10 houses in Rajganj block and plundered crops, he said.

This is the second incident of an elephant in Baikunthapur forest going on the rampage in human habitation in three days.

Four policemen were injured while trying to manage a huge crowd, which had gathered to watch the elephant and ran helter-skelter.

The forest workers tried to push it back to Baikunthapur forest but the elephant, instead of crossing a small canal to reach it, is now reported to be resting in a small jungle in the block, Dutta said.

Efforts were on to push the animal back, the forest ranger said.

Meanwhile, the elephant which had also strayed from Baikunthapur and went on the rampage in neighbouring Siliguri town for seven hours on Wednesday was reported to be unwell.

The elephant was hurt near its eye by a tranquiliser dart and was being treated, Dutta said.