Man ‘Killed’ by Wild Elephant (Chittoor, India)


The Hindu

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Panic gripped Gadduru tribal hamlet of Ramakuppam mandal in the district on Monday with the mysterious death of a 21-year-old youth at a nearby forest location after he ventured into the thickets last night.

According to information, three members from the village had reportedly left into the forest last night on a hunting errand. One of the trio – Kutti – was killed by an elephant while two others had escaped. As the youth did not return home, the panicky villagers waited till Monday morning, and traced the body in the forest. The forest personnel reached the spot in the morning and spoke to the victim’s family members and the villagers. sIt was alleged that the villagers were afraid of lodging any complaint against the youth’s death as it might lead to further complications following the alleged hunting errand.

‘No complaint received’

The Kuppam police said that though they were aware of the youth’s death in the forest, no complaint was received over the incident.