Man killed while driving away stray elephants in Meru (Kenya)


Dennis Dibondo, The Star

Date Published

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A man was trampled to death by a stray elephant in Naari, Meru county on Wednesday.

Naftali Karani was killed at midnight after he and other residents went to drive away the elephants, which had invaded their potato farms.

“Does the government value elephants more than its people? How come no one is concerned about our safety after many intrusions by wild animals,” said Miriam Mungania, Karani’s sister-in-law.

She said sometimes men are forced to sleep outside to drive away the elephants.

Mungania said residents held demonstrations on Friday to protest rampant killings by the animals.

Another resident told the Star that the elephants invade farms since the area has no electrical fence.

Buuri Jubilee MP candidate Mugambi Rindikiri said children are unable to go to school sometimes over fears of attacks.

He called for speedy construction of the electric fence, saying there have been significant economic losses as crops are damaged by the animals.

Rindikiri also noted that there has been reluctance by KWS in compensating residents who have lost relatives or property as a result of elephant invasions.