Meghalaya: School teacher trampled to death by wild elephants (India)


Press Trust of India

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A school teacher was trampled to death by rampaging wild elephants in West Garo Hills district, police said today.

The teacher identified as Taher Ali Sheikh was trampled to death when the car he was travelling with along with other passengers came across a herd of wild elephants at remote Gaptuli village last evening, the police said.

While the other passengers made their way to safety after the elephants attacked the vehicle, the teacher, however, was not so lucky and was crushed along with the car he was travelling in, a senior district police officer said.

Residents living beside the area had reported earlier of herd chasing vehicles in the past few weeks mostly in the evening time as it was identified as one of elephant’s corridor.

Sheikh is a Hindi teacher in Kukurmara Higher Secondary School.