Mosha the elephant injured by a mine, received his new prosthesis (Thailand)


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Mosha, an elephant who was injured in a mine in 2006, received its
ninth prosthesis last Wednesday in Thailand.

The animal is cared for in a hospital established in 1993 in the
province of Lampang (North) and co-funded by the Brigitte Bardot
Foundation, in partnership with the Friends of the Asian Elephants,
which heals and helps abused elephants in this country in Southeast
Asia, as indicated by FBB.

Mosha was seven months old when he tore his leg in 2006 after stepping
on a mine on the border with Burma, says the site
The animal received his first prosthesis two years after the accident,
and since then, as a permanent resident, has been followed closely by
the nursing staff. This is already his ninth prosthesis, according to
the BBC.