Mozambique: 15 seriously injured trying to drive elephants away


The Club of Mozambique

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Fifteen people were seriously injured on Sunday when they tried to chase away a herd of eleven elephants in Matsequenha, Namaacha district, Maputo province. 

In addition to attacking farmers, the pachyderms destroy their ‘machambas’ (smallholding plots) on a daily basis. 

Some of those affected told Rádio Moçambique that elephants frequently pass through their locality, despite the danger they pose to the inhabitants and the impact on agricultural fields. 

They say that famine threatens, as a result of the devastation of crops by the elephants. 

Responding to reports of elephants in Matsequenha, agricultural extensionist Narciso Chichava, who is assigned to the locality, said that specialists had been deployed, but, given the number of elephants, it had not yet been possible to scare them away entirely.