Mozambique: Teachers answer in court for ivory sale



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In gorongoza district, a Mozambican province of Sofala, three teachers, assigned to local schools, will answer in court in the coming days, accused of selling and trafficking ivory, officials said.

The administrator of quirimbas National Park, who is interested in seeing the accused answer for their actions, hopes that accountability can discourage the practice of environmental crimes in the buffer zone of what is one of the largest conservation areas in the country.

It is known that the three teachers, accused of being elements of a large cross-border network of elephant slaughter for the extraction of ivory tusks, were captured last year between the districts of Muanza and  Cheringoma, when they attempted to sell ivory to a citizen of Chinese nationality.

In Mozambique, many conservation areas face the problem of poaching, and elephants are one of the most sought after species by poachers.