Namibia confiscates 16 tusks in anti-poaching operation



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In a joint cooperation, Namibian Ministry of Tourism and Environment and police have arrested four people suspected of illegal wildlife trafficking in Zambezi area.

In a statement, Ministry of Tourism and Environment Public Relations Officer Romeo Muyunda said Monday that 16 elephant tusks and two live pangolins were found and confiscated from three places in northeast Namibia.

According to Muyunda, the arrests as well as the confiscation of ivory in the joint operations are a boost to the ministry’s anti-poaching efforts.

“We warn those involved in such activities to stop or risk being caught to face the full wrath of our laws with increased fines. The ministry commends the Namibian Police as well as our officials for their hard work and determination in making these significant busts,” he said.

According to the Namibian Ministry of Tourism and Environment, a total of 245 elephants were poached between 2014 and 2017.