Namibia: Elephant Dies in Truck Collision


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Rundu — A cargo truck heading to Zimbabwe rammed into an elephant last Friday night and the jumbo died on the spot though the driver and his passenger escaped unhurt. But they had to flee for their safety.
The accident occurred at 23h00 at Buffalo, east of Divundu in the Bwabwata National Park in an area known for a high concentration of game.
The heavy-duty truck with registration ALR6110 was on its way to Zambezi Region en-route to neighbouring Zimbabwe when the elephant suddenly appeared in the road and the truck driver could not apply the brakes on time, only to smash into the jumbo. The driver was with a passenger whom he could not identify as he had just given him a lift, but they both fled the scene when they noticed other elephants approaching.
“The driver and his passenger fled to safety but they got separated in the process and luckily, it was later established, the passenger managed to get a hike to Katima Mulilo,” said Kavango East police spokesperson Detective Chief Inspector Chrispin Mubebo.
The carcass is being distributed to villagers as many African communities regard elephant meat as a delicacy.
In a separate road incident, 33-year-old Kandinge Paulus Nghiwilepo, a Namibian male believed to be a soldier was struck by a car at the only traffic circle in Rundu, where he was crossing the road.
The driver was reported to have fled the scene instead of offering assistance to the injured man and it was later confirmed the suspect was driving the car without the owner’s consent.
“It was further reported that the suspect stole the car keys while the authorized driver was asleep and he drove off with the car,” revealed Detective Chief Inspector Ewald Kavara.
The hit-and-run happened in the early hours of Sunday morning at 03h30.
The victim was rushed to the Rundu Hospital where he received medical attention for his injuries and was reportedly discharged from hospital after receiving treatment.
The suspect was arrested and will appear in the Rundu Magistrate’s Court today.