Namibia: Hochfeld Elephant Destroyed



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The elephant that wreaked havoc and destruction on Farm Delarey in the Hochfeld, which belongs to Swakopmund pharmacist, Riaan Bornman, was destroyed last Thursday by officials from the Ministry of Environment and Tourism (MET).

The animal, which had been terrorising people at the farm since the start of March had, according to Bornman, also destroyed infrastructure and maize crop worth N$100 000.

“I’m just so relieved that this is over. I know people are taking me on because the animal had to be put down because of what it had done on my farm but they need to understand the damage and fear caused by this animal. People are giving more sympathy to the elephant than to the people who suffered because of the animal,” Bornman told The Namibian.

He dismissed as rubbish allegations that the elephant bull was provoked or threatened on his farm, hence making the seemingly meek elephant aggressive.

“This is nonsense. My workers have assured me that the elephant was chased with spears, stones and dogs at a farm in the same area. This is probably what infuriated the animal which then took out its frustration on our farm,” he said.

Bornman expressed appreciation to MET officials for their assistance and said when the animal was killed, meat was taken by MET officials, his own workers, people from surrounding farms, and “everyone who heard that there was elephant meat on the farm”.

“I did not even know one could eat elephant meat,” he said.

He said all he knows is that it will take about six months to restore the damage caused by the elephant and that he would have to sell some of his cattle to pay for the damage.

MET officials said the elephant tusks had been taken by the ministry, and confirmed that the animal had been driven away from other farms before coming to Farm Delarey.

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